It is the drink of men who think
Who feel no fear nor fetter
Who do not drink to endless sink
But drink to think the better

- Anonymous

Chad Henderson is the brewer at NODA Brewing Company, and he is living his dream. He’s not an astronaut, not a sports star, and yet Henderson understands what it’s like to have a dream, strive for it, and achieve it.
Dogfish Head founder Sam Calagione talks about how his brewery looks back into history for creative inspiration as they try to reinvent what beer as we know it. Calagione researches far beyond the beginnings of the likes of Sam Adams or Sierra Nevada, and digs deep into some historically rooted beers from our ancestors .
Ethan Cox is the co-founder of Buffalo’s Community Beer Works and a certified Cicerone. Here he talks about the role that local beer plays in creating socially significant “third rooms" - also called the Third Place, a concept which I have studied extensively and meshes so well with all that craft beer is about.

Much thanks to Trevor Conley who posted these in his article for Paste Magazine and to NW Beer Guide, who posted these on Twitter.


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