If you haven't heard yet about Cigar City's Hunahpu’s Day madness yet, I beg you to read this excellent article and learn from it.  I saw this video on that fateful day, shortly after the incident, and I couldn't help but think, "What a bunch of entitled douchebags!"  
But counterfeiting tickets takes it to a whole different level.

To those who 1)counterfeited tickets or, 2)bought counterfeit tickets: You have gone against everything that Craft Beer stands for and I hope you rot in a tub of Coors Light for the rest of your days and throughout all of eternity.  You are clearly too fucking stupid to realize you have just shot yourself in the foot by ending this event (and, likely, other events like it) and taking the rest of us well-intending, reverent and respectful craft beer enthusiasts with you.  Actually, even Coors light is too good for you.  May you drink rat piss.

I feel terrible for Cigar City - a craft brewery who put Florida on the craft beer map and inspired other breweries to follow. They've lost a ton of money in trying to provide counterfeit  "customers" with bottles of beer, then trying to compensate the loss to legitimate customers by providing free pours for a day.

I can't help but feel ashamed to be a craft beer enthusiast and it makes me SICK!

Maybe it's inevitable.  Like all great underdog movements of the past - the beats, the hippies, the punks...now the craft beer brewers and enthusiasts...all the movements that were willing to accept all who didn't quite fit in, all who went against the grain to challenge the status quo: it eventually gets ruined by entitled, douchebag opportunist fucks who start to think they're cool because they're "part" of that movement. 

My message to the counterfeiters and those who supported them:  You never were part, and you never will be - because you just don't get it.  Even if you managed to get your three bottles of
Hunahpu, you are tragically uncool, and everyone who knows you sees right through your bullshit.  But now is your opportunity to change your ways.  You made some bad decisions.  You learned from them.  You still have a chance to be cool.  But you have to commit to stop being a parasitic asshole.  Your choice.    


04/10/2014 12:20pm

I heard about this fiasco but this is the first I am seeing of it. Unfortunately this event (and others like it) have become a magnet for many people just looking to get drunk. They ruin it for the rest of us who love the community and the craft. There is nothing wrong with having a good time, and we've all succumbed to over indulgence (sometimes beers taste so damn good you get carried away!) But the anger, the dishonesty and the mob mentality is very sad to see.

09/12/2015 12:53am

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