I didn't see the Superbowl.  I don't do the sports thing - even if it IS two teams from amazing states rich in craft beer and legal marijuana.  I was supposed to go to a Superbowl party at a friend's house which would include a TEN-YEAR vertical tasting of Sierra Nevada's Bigfoot Barleywine...TEN YEARS!!!  But instead, I obsessively worked all day, desperately trying to finish some projects.

My point: I did not see the now-infamous Chrysler commercial where the buzz in social media was that Bob Dylan had "sold out".  I could care less whether or not Bob Dylan sells out.  Haven't many of us "sold out" in one way or another?  He had his day, he was young, he was an idealist and an activist, and whether you love him or hate him, he was a great fucking writer.  But he did his time.  He can do whatever the hell he wants, and I can't definitively say I wouldn't do the same thing if Chrysler offered me whatever ungodly sum they offered him.

But I did get a little curious about what everyone was talking about...
After finally watching the commercial, I posted the following on my personal Facebook page:
I didn't much care about the Swiss watch crack, since, who wears watches anymore anyway?  Just another reason why Chrysler (owned by an Italian company and touting their "American" cars) is painfully out-of-touch with reality... 

After I posted the above, though, a friend shared with me a letter written by Fred Bueltmann of the New Holland Brewing Company (a.k.a. the Beervangelist) written to Chrysler.  This letter is so articulate, well-written and right on point that Fred Bueltmann is now my superhero.  Thank you very much, Fred, for not just innocuously posting something on Facebook like me, but for taking the time to rip Chrysler a new asshole publicly!

Here are a couple of great excerpts from the letter.  You can also read the entire letter below.
It was condescending to your customers and even managed to make listening to Bob-frickin-Dylan feel dirty for the first time ever...

Shame on you, Chrysler for insulting the hard working people of Detroit, Michigan and America, by forgetting what craftsmanship is all about – authenticity, artistry, trust and respect. American pride and legacy aren’t about buying local out of obligation. These ideals are about celebrating beautiful things made in our communities and being proud because they’re great. So, if Chrysler is going to try and sell us on some warm and fuzzy American pride rhetoric, why don’t you actually show some first? So, while Chrysler makes more Super Bowl ads, we’ll keep making the beer; in Michigan and every other corner of this great land. We’ll raise our glass, look each other in the eye and mean it when we celebrate our country’s heart and soul. As a dedicated member of the American craft brewing & distilling community here in Michigan, I feel Chrysler owes the craftsmen and craftswomen of our industry an apology for dismissing their trade in front of millions of viewers.

Fred Bueltmann
New Holland Brewing Company
Read Fred Bueltmann's entire letter

...and in case you haven't seen this commercial yet, here it is - in all its glory:


11/03/2015 10:34pm

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