Sixpoint Brewing
11.1% ABV, 111 IBU

Sparing us no mercy, Sixpoint Brewing
(Brooklyn, New York) recently released Hi-Res - a beer not for the faint of heart at 11.1% ABV and an IBU so high that it goes beyond human detection. 

A hazy but vibrant orange color with a single-finger head that fades to a ring around the glass, it is rich, full-bodied and resinous with a powerful ripe tropical fruit and citrus aroma.  The flavor mimics the aroma with a bit more complexity: sweet caramel malt, rich, juicy mango and pineapple, ripe orange and tangerine, and a slight pine and boozy-warm finish. 

Despite the intense, resinous, and complex hop profile, this beer doesn't blow your palate with bitterness.  Rather, the hops lend a nice fruitiness which integrates with the malt well, creating something that is almost malt-forward but completely lacking the breadiness of some imperial or double IPAs (something which I, admittedly, have grown tired of).  The warm booziness is far from masked in the finish, nor is the candy-sweetness as it warms.  Drinkable, but I don't think I would go for more than one in a sitting.



12/05/2015 1:20am

Hi-Res manifests the desire to see hops in sharp relief, with an ever-increasing clarity. While maintaining an essential balance of flavor, it depicts hops in a duality- both on the grand stage and at their very essence.

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