This toast is for you, Tea Party!
This isn't a political blog by any means, but this shit is gettin' REAL now. 

The Huffington Post came out with this article/video yesterday which highlights the fact that, while leaving the big-named brewing giants relatively unscathed, the paralysis of The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) due to the government shut-down has had a direct impact on the formation of new craft breweries and the production of one-off and seasonal craft beer. 

Not to mention many of us (including yours truly) have SBA loan requests sitting on a desk somewhere, collecting dust, indefinitely. 

If you haven't seen this video of Senator Elizabeth Warren tellin' it like it IS, you need to watch it.  She does not mess around as she very clearly pinpoints the reason behind this shut-down - a miniscule reason so important to a minority of extremist nut-jobs that it's worth stalling small businesses of all kinds in a number of ways, disrupting the economy, preventing military spouses from receiving death benefits, and eliminating countless government services who serve the young, the old and the poor...  And, oh ya, you are fucking with MY CRAFT BEER. 

How did we let this happen?  How are there not rules in place which prevent these myopic, soulless, anti-business, anti-government freaks to use real people and real businesses as pawns as they scream and stomp their feet in a grade school temper tantrum?  Oh ya, there ARE:

Can you imagine what would happen to the economy if someone put these Tea Party Republicans in charge?  Oh wait, they did. 

Good move, Other Republicans.  Now we have a lot of people out of work or unable to provide jobs to people by opening new businesses (and how much Bud Light would we have to drink to drown our sorrows when we can't get great craft beer anymore??  A LOT.).  Guess what, losers?  These are all people who aren't going to vote for you when you run for re-election.  But I guess that's the point - you've never really relied on the young, the old, the poor, women or minorities for your campaign contributions, have you?  Well, dig your own grave, then, and get out of our way.

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11/12/2015 6:38am

Some people think this blog is not important but it is due to the govt. issue involved in it. I advise to every one to pay attention towards it to know about the reality because it is our moral duty to know about the current affairs of country in which we live. we should share this blog with others who do not know about this issue.

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