Watch this short clip - a riveting historic tale of the Sausage-Munchers versus The Penguin.

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In 2007, around the globe in Aberdeen, Scotland, Martin Dickie and James Watt (a.k.a. Brew Dogs) quit their day jobs and started brewing big, strong, hoppy beer full-time, using American hops and American brewing technique.

Say what you will about big, Northwest-style hop-bomb IPAs - which some beer enthusiasts still love and others seem to be growing tired of - but they have helped to put America on the world craft beer charts and have influenced brewing world-wide.  And these guys - the Brew Dogs - were doing something cutting edge, absolutely deviant, in Scotland.

Inspired by American brewers and underwhelmed by traditional Scottish beer, which had been offering the same styles for hundreds of years, they took it a step further - to pioneer the strongest beer in Britain,  EVER, which was banned in many Scottish pubs.  As if that wasn't enough, they continued their experimental journey by producing a beer called Tactical Nuclear Penguin (see, historical...account in video to the left), topping the charts at 32% ABV.

These revolutionary boys have been touring the U.S. lately, brewing with some of their brewing idols along the way, and filming it.  Now you can watch their mad-cap adventures on the Esquire TV channel.

Learn more about their TV show, which airs for the first time today.

Listen to a nice piece about the Brew Dogs on PRI's The World.



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