Tried Humble Brewing's Strong Golden on tap at 1856 yesterday, and let me tell you: this was a good one.  This was - shamefully! - the first beer I've tried by Humble.  And let me tell you, now I'd really love to sit down with an entire flight of their beers. 

I ordered the strong golden, not noticing - that is to say, not being able to see the board from where I was sitting - the high ABV.  It was a beautifully-balanced beer with a luminescent golden color and a great creamy head.  There were strong flavors of orange and spices, refreshing, packed with flavor without any one flavor being too overpowering.  There was a warm boozy finish which was actually kind of nice - and subtle considering the 10.5% - and a VERY faint grassy funkiness.

This shit was good.  No joke.  Get down to 1856 before it's gone! 1465 NE Prescott St. in Portland, Oregon


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