Holy moly...this sounds GOOD!  Tapping this fine barrel tonight for Tap-It Tuesday!  I'll give it to you in the Cascade Barrel House's own words:

This NW style sour is the uber brother of Pater, barrel aged with 175 lbs of Bing cherries in 15-year-old Heaven Hill Bourbon barrels for 13 months, then aged in Pinot barrels for 13 more months. Fresh cherries were added just before serving for balance. Aromas of dark cherries and wine are noticed up front. Dark cherries, oak, leather and Bourbon on the palate are followed by tart notes of tart cherries and dried fruit on the palate. The finish is of dried cherries, leather and oak. Warning, Dieter will take you for a ride; you may hear techno music in the morning. Auf Wiedersehen!

  13.5% | $8 glass | $3 taster

Enough said!  #craftbeer #pdxbeer


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