Here is a post from the Richmond Times which tells a story of beer pairing (as opposed to wine pairing) in fine dining.  According to the article, there are still those who go out to a fine restaurant and are surprised by craft beer and food pairings - hard to imagine, but in craft beer-crazy Portland, we're used to this sort of thing.  It is inevitable that people across the country will catch on to the staggering range of styles and flavors and the versatility of craft beer paired with - and cooked into - food.

As craft beer rises in status among the masses - and looks down upon us from its properly deserved seat upon its lofty throne - there will inevitably be some push-back too.  Not necessarily among the fine dining, they seem to be embracing craft beer nicely...but among those who appreciate beer's roots.  Beer has historically been a working man's drink.  This we know.  And though it can be so much more than just that, why should the working man surrender his drink of choice to those who may be willing to spend hundreds of dollars on a bottle of wine?

This will inevitably always be a debate among those who love craft beer.  While there are socio-political, hierarchical and pragmatic economic implications for the rise in rank and status of craft beer, there are people like me who fall somewhere in the middle - and sometimes, on either end - who really appreciate going out for a nice meal on a special occasion and seeing the kind of beer menu that, say, Higgins, has to offer.  Thank god!  

A word of warning: this article will make you salivate uncontrollably.  Proceed with caution! 


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